4 ld aboutus

4-LD Lighting Design is an independent lighting design engineering company, offering full range of lighting design services, started from simple lighting design calculations, to complex 3D rendered lighting visualizations.


4 ld aboutus


lightning calculation 4 ld

lighting calculation

Technical lighting design studies and simulations

3d visualization 4 ld

3d visualization

Complex 3D modeling and rendering services

lightning concepts 4 ld

lighting concepts

Complete lighting design envision presentations

cad drafting 4 ld

cad drafting

DWG and PDF lighting layouts

we are working as a back office
but cooperating like your partner!

Kiemelt projektek

  • Razhya, Iran
    City Hall, Munkachevo, Ukraine
  • Munkachevo City Hall, Ukrain
    Tennis courts, Adelaide
  • Munkachevo City Hall, Ukrain
    Pázmány University, Budapest, Hungary
  • Razhya, Iran
    Canberra Centre, Australia
  • Radisson Main Lobby, Bahrein
    Radisson Main Lobby, Bahrein
  • Villa, Dubai, UAE
    Villa, Dubai, UAE
  • AMG showroom
    AMG showroom
  • Tennessee State Capitol, USA
    Tennessee State Capitol, USA
  • Razhya, Iran
    Razhya, Iran


Our team has offices in Hungary at two different locations. Dunakeszi and Veszprém situated about 100 km from each other, but we are working in tight cooperation and daily live collaboration in our virtual office space.


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